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Calendar VBO

"Calendars" VBO is not found in Core VBOs. I searched all over DX but couldn't find it. In previous versions, it was bundled with BPE itself as one of the standard VBO. Please post this VBO on DX.
Mitsuko Kurata 9 days ago in DX Assets 2 Will not do

Blue Prism Decipher - 1.2.0

Please change 'Link to Asset' to link to the latest version of Decipher's assets.I would also like the content of 'Getting Started' to be compatible with the latest version.(The latest version is 2.3, but "Link to assets" will take me to the 1.2 p...
Mitsuko Kurata 22 days ago in DX Assets 2 Will not do


I know there is Html2Pdf VBO. I also want PDFtoJPG VBO.
Mitsuko Kurata 24 days ago in DX Assets 2 Planned

Snowflake Connector

Pulling data from Snowflake is a very common activity. I can run a Snowflake report to a file and pick the data from there but that seems very clunky. A simple connector that allows BP to run a SQL query and retrieve the result would be enormously...
Jeremy Dean about 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Future consideration

Run python scripts natively from Blueprism.

Python VBO - The Python VBO facilitates seamless integration of Python scripting within Blue Prism processes. This VBO leverages the PythonNet library to execute Python scripts directly within Blue Prism, enabling users to harness the power of Pyt...
naveen k 3 months ago in DX Assets 3 Planned

MS Outlook 365: Reply and Reply All: Ability to Edit 'To', 'CC', 'BCC, 'Subject' and 'Message'

Our primary use-case involves an email management automation. When using the 'Reply' or the 'Reply All', it is currently not possible to edit the recipients. We have instances where we may want to remove one or more of the original recipients or a...
Robert Stephens about 1 month ago in DX Assets 0

MS Outlook 365: Forward Action: Be Able To Add Attachment

Pretty straightforward request. When using the 'Forward' action in the MS Outlook 365 VBO, I would like to be able to identify/add an attachment to the message. Our particular use case is an email management automation. When the automation experie...
Robert Stephens about 1 month ago in DX Assets 0

Extend outlook vbo to read .eml

The new version of MS Outlook saves as .eml vs. .msg by default. Power Automate also will only save a message as a .eml file. Please extend the outlook vbo to read .eml as well as .msg.
Shane Achterberg about 2 months ago in DX Assets 0

Microsoft Outlook VBO Enhancement - Paste clipboard into message body

While working on a project to insert a formatted Excel worksheet into Outlook, we found the formatting kept changing on insert. We worked around this approach by copying the worksheet into the clipboard, but then found we could not use an existing...
Brian Clayton 3 months ago in DX Assets 0

Extract Unique Values

I am going to try again. An action that can take a delimited list of needed fields and extract all the unique combinations based on those fields. This has worked for us by creating a collection that can be looped through and using a "Filter Collec...
Micheal Charron 2 months ago in DX Assets 2