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Created by Dominique DALLERY
Created on Dec 7, 2023

Webservices - REST enhanced

The 'Webservices - REST' component provided with Blue Prism (example, 7.0.1) is not very useful as is.

An enhanced version would be appropriate.

1) This component contains a default.

  • Before trying to convert the JSON API response, the code should check the API status code to handle approprialty the case when NO JSON API response has been received.

2) This component forget to provide data to it's caller

  • The API status code is not returned, so the caller have to check the "Result" collection to assess if the API request has been successful

  • Worse, the "Delete" action provides NO results. How the caller is able to assess the success / failure of the API request?

3) The "Patch" method is not provided

4) Too few input parameters are provided

Most of the input parameters of the "HTTP Request" action of the BO "Utility - HTTP" are not provided. For example, the need of a proxy/

For all these reasons, we have to refactor a new component instead of using the Blue Prism component.

  • Dominique DALLERY
    Dec 8, 2023

    Hi Eric,

    This VBO still offers some value with the encapsulation of the BOs "Utility - HTTP" & "Webservices - OAuth2.0" and also the JSON conversions.

    We have begun to rewrite an enhanced version to better handle the limits of the current version.

    Best regards,


  • Admin
    Eric Wilson
    Dec 8, 2023

    Hello Dominique,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding this VBO. You are correct that it is not hugely useful as is. My plan is actually to deprecate this VBO as the Utility - HTTP VBO provides significantly more capability and flexibility, and since REST calls are nothing more than standard HTTP actions it really doesn't make sense to have this VBO.