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Status Completed
Workspace DX Assets
Created by Nobuhiro Tokushige
Created on Apr 4, 2024

Blue Prism Enterprise Core VBOs

Now we can download 26 VBOs with just one click from this link (

While this is convenient, currently, we still need to import each VBO individually. This means we have to import them at least 26 times. In my case, I imported more than 26 times because I couldn’t remember if the VBO had already been imported or not. Consequently, I spent approximately 30 minutes completing the task.

To improve the situation, I suggest the following two options:

  1. Provide a single release file containing all 26 VBOs, allowing for a one-time import.

  2. Provide a single ZIP file containing the 26 VBOs as 'bpobject' file types. This way, we can select multiple VBOs and import them all at once.