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Created by Micheal Charron
Created on May 6, 2024

Extract Unique Values

I am going to try again. An action that can take a delimited list of needed fields and extract all the unique combinations based on those fields. This has worked for us by creating a collection that can be looped through and using a "Filter Collection" to break apart a larger collection for various reasons.

This can be accomplished by the line:

resultsCollection = collection.DefaultView.ToTable(true, columns);

The variable columns is a string array of column names which can be derived from a Split method on the delimited list of needed fields.

The true in the first parameter in the ToTable method specifies that only distinct values are returned.

  • Admin
    Eric Wilson
    May 7, 2024

    Hi Michael,

    What do you mean by "try again"? Is this an idea you've previously submitted?


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