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Workspace DX Platform
Created by Paul Nerger
Created on Nov 6, 2020

A Blue Prism Package Manager that works with the DX

The DX today is built around extending the Automate product. As new products come out such as Decipher, Interact, and others, we need to be able to support their extensibility as well. Thus, the DX needs to be a hub for browsing and downloading product extensions that will certainly move beyond a simple .bprelease file. This feature would embrace the concepts of a NuGet (i.e., Chocolatey NuGet) that provides a common framework for installing extensions for any Blue Prism product in the future.

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Auto-populate Asset Form from Git Repo

1 Executive Summary Many of the Assets on the DX are open source. Open source projects are very often managed in Git. In fact, the DX Integration team often uses GitHub, an instance of Git, to manage Artifacts associated with an Asset. The goal of...
Paul Nerger over 3 years ago in DX Platform 0 Shipped

IDE Extension for DX and etc

Capabilities to create a plugin extension and Automator can install in Blueprism IDE, and user can just use a command to download an asset together with it dependencies of vbo/skill.
Chris Lee over 3 years ago in DX Platform 0 Shipped