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Workspace DX Platform
Created by Paul Nerger
Created on Nov 6, 2020

Asset Submission Performance

Executive Overview

The DX has run into performance issues that we need to address for our customers and contributors on the DX.

NOTE: We would like to see performance enhancements for submissions, but we believe that performance across the entire site should be addressed.

We have users experiencing hibernation errors when updating assets, waiting on the system to submit/edit assets for over 30 seconds along with long page load times. In addition, updates made to assets cannot have fields with long content or updates with multiple fields updated. The form will show as updated, but sometimes changes will never take.

The same thing applies to API updates. Recently, when Sergey was submitting Assets for Oracle Financials, each Asset was taking nearly 4 minutes to be submitted by the API. This is compounded by the lack of flexibility of the API. For example, if we only want to update a single field in the submission, we need to update the entire submission. That is the API does not support the concept of ignoring fields.

Finally, when making large Sergey updates, the association that needs to be done is not doable via API, and thus it requires a manual update. The submission of the Oracle Financials Assets took a total of 20 hours to perform. During the Asset Submission period, the Asset cards were available, but clicking the Asset Card did not take the user to the Asset Page. This was because the association action could not be performed until everything had finished.

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