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Blue Prism Enterprise Core VBOs

Now we can download 26 VBOs with just one click from this link ( ). While this is convenient, currently, we still need to import each VBO individually. Th...
Nobuhiro Tokushige 2 months ago in DX Assets 4 Completed

Create Expression Column - (Utility - Collection Manipulation)

Just looking at a question in the community that would benefit from a "Create Expression Column" action in the "Utility - Collection Manipulation VBO". Think of it like a cell formula in Excel. We have put one together for our own extended VBOs (w...
Micheal Charron about 2 months ago in DX Assets 3 Completed

ability to send email notification for missed schedule

Currently when a process is missed in the control room schedule, it is not possible to trigger a notification. An additional feature to allow email to be sent when a schedule is missed would be helpful
Jonas Ong about 3 years ago in DX Assets 2 Completed

Outlook VBO - Categories and Custom message in the Email body

Hi Team, we need an action to set categories for emails. Also, there should be an option to add a custom message in the email body before moving to different folder. An option to add a remainder for the incoming email. Please refer this ticket htt...
Vidhya Anbalagan 8 months ago in DX Assets 0 Completed

Support for 'Sensitivity Labels' in Outlook, Excel, and Word.

Add support for Sensitivity Labels and Azure Information Protection in the Outlook, Excel, and Word VBOs.
Eric Wilson over 2 years ago in DX Assets 1 Completed

MS outlook VBO- option to add on behalf of

in MS outlook VBO legacy one - please add option to to have option "send on behalf of"
Neeraj Kumar 7 months ago in DX Assets 2 Completed

MS Outlook VBO issue

The asset is great. But while using "Reading From MSG" action body is appearing in HTML format there should be an option to toggle between HTML and plain Text.
Amlan Sahoo 7 months ago in DX Assets 0 Completed

Advanced Filter to MS Excel VBO

Hi Team, It will be great if Advanced filter functionalities can be added to default MS Excel VBO
Amlan Sahoo over 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Completed

Microsoft Graph API - SharePoint

Request for a VBO/skill that wraps interaction with Microsoft's Graph API.
Guest almost 4 years ago in DX Assets 4 Completed

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform, similar to RabbitMQ, that can provide a highly-scalable and fault-tolerant system for messaging.
Eric Wilson over 3 years ago in DX Assets 6 Completed