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Microsoft 365- outlook (Graph API) VBO - option for Attachment Name

Currently in Graph API VBO - we have one column where has attachment is showing True or False but attachment name is not showing and have to do workaround. please can this be checked.
Neeraj Kumar 2 months ago in DX Assets 1 Will not do


No description provided
Caroline Garrad 6 months ago in DX Assets 1 Will not do

Guide for Microsoft EWS Authentication

We need a similar guide for Microsoft EWS Authentication like you have under DX for asset Microsoft Graph API - Authentication - 1.1.0. We need to implement the same for setting up EWS with token generation along with App registration. Attached gu...
Rohit Gupta almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 2 Will not do

Get Day of Week from Date Action

Enhance the Calendar VBO to include an action for getting the day of the week from a specific date value.
Eric Wilson almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 0 Will not do

Connector for Xceptor

Looking for a connector an ETL tool called Xceptor
Dan Welcel almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 1 Will not do

Editing Priority for Work Queue items after loaded into Queue

Currently, In Blue Prism, Users can edit the Status for Queue items which are loaded already into the Queue. Similarly, Blue Prism has to allow users to edit the Priority of the Work Queue Pending status items. This will help us to meet if urgent ...
Vidhya Anbalagan about 2 years ago in DX Assets 5 Will not do

Calendar for Working Days & multiple date selection

Would make many lives a lot easier if there was a calendar or a function within Calendar where you can schedule on other working days, apart from just first and last. Financial services will benefit from this. At the moment you can do it but have ...
Sian Francis about 2 years ago in DX Assets 3 Will not do

Add ternary operator/function like IIF(expression, true case, false case) in expressions

Now, even for a small decision to check we have use a combination for calculation/object and decision. Eg: To assign value zero a value is not number or take original value, we should be able to just write IIF (IsNumber([value]),0,[value])- Will r...
Pretheesh Puthiya Purayil over 2 years ago in DX Assets 1 Will not do

IE to Edge Migration

We have downloaded conversion tool from digital exchange to convert objects from IE to Edge. After conversion we observed some of the actions are critical/Document loaded. For that we need manual effort also. Is there any new idea to reduce the cr...
Umamanikanta Inkollu over 2 years ago in DX Assets 2 Will not do

Summary of changes made in process and object studio

Many a times, developer may lose track of the exact changes made prior to a save and when the developer enter the change summary, it may be incomplete. Having a list of changes made in between saves would be helpful
Jonas Ong about 3 years ago in DX Assets 3 Will not do