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Parse Job description then Search Databases for matching resumes

No description provided
Ronald Kroeger 7 months ago in DX Assets 1

Microsoft Graph API - SharePoint - 2.4.0 - Few action need to add

I have checked Connector for Microsoft Graph API - SharePoint - 2.4.0 and found that the Folder upload & Copy folder and rename folder or file option is not there. It will be great and more useful if above points get added.
Nilesh Jadhav 8 months ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

Support for client authentication via SAML.

Develop a VBO that supports client-side SAML authentication with 3rd party SAML IDPs. An example client library would be AspNetSaml.
Eric Wilson over 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

Mail Bot for FAQs

Support teams around the world get many questions that are the same and as such, they create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help customer help themselves. But as FAQ documents get more complex and longer, customers find it more and more diff...
Paul Nerger about 3 years ago in DX Assets 0 Future consideration

Workday HCM and Financial API connectors

BP has 21 customer accounts that require Workday integration.
Bruce Mazza over 3 years ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

REST connector for DataDog

DataDog provides a cloud monitoring and security service. They offer a RESTful API documented at They offer a Postman collection.
Paul Nerger almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 1 Future consideration

Get Day of Week from Date Action

Enhance the Calendar VBO to include an action for getting the day of the week from a specific date value.
Eric Wilson almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 0 Will not do

MS Excel VBO - Get Error Message

When running saved Power Queries, a multitude of potential error messages could pop up within Excel. To simplify exception messaging, it would be a great help if we were able to grab these error messages generated by Excel.
John Hammond about 2 years ago in DX Assets 4 Planned

Summary of changes made in process and object studio

Many a times, developer may lose track of the exact changes made prior to a save and when the developer enter the change summary, it may be incomplete. Having a list of changes made in between saves would be helpful
Jonas Ong about 3 years ago in DX Assets 3 Will not do

Calendar for Working Days & multiple date selection

Would make many lives a lot easier if there was a calendar or a function within Calendar where you can schedule on other working days, apart from just first and last. Financial services will benefit from this. At the moment you can do it but have ...
Sian Francis about 2 years ago in DX Assets 3 Will not do