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Save an Image data file into a Desktop File

I couldn't find a good resolution to make this action.Most of them you need to make a macro code and most of the times don't work.It would be a good improvement to have a VBO action to allow you to save the Data item Image format into a Desktop image
Tomas Silberstein 12 months ago in DX Assets 1 Further clarification needed

Snowflake Connector

Pulling data from Snowflake is a very common activity. I can run a Snowflake report to a file and pick the data from there but that seems very clunky. A simple connector that allows BP to run a SQL query and retrieve the result would be enormously...
Jeremy Dean about 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Future consideration

Blue prism Utility Segregation

Hi Team, It's difficult to find the blue prism common utility in DX even if we search by name there are multiple suggestions and if we filter there are so many Utilities. Can we just segregate Blue Prism common utilities that are coming as part of...
Amlan Sahoo about 1 year ago in DX Platform 0

Skill for Infor Financials

We would like a Skill or VBO to interact with Infor End-to-end capabilities for today's finance professionals Infor® Financials & Supply Management delivers end-to-end ERP financial and accounting capabilities—fully integrated and delivered in...
Nicholas Hensman over 1 year ago in DX Assets 1 Further clarification needed

Support for client authentication via SAML.

Develop a VBO that supports client-side SAML authentication with 3rd party SAML IDPs. An example client library would be AspNetSaml.
Eric Wilson over 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

MS Excel VBO - Look AT condition Find in Worksheet action

Request to add Look At condition in find In worksheet action which will help us to identify Exact and partial matches. I have modified the code so I added the screenshot of the same.
Amlan Sahoo over 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

Create integration with

Create a VBO that will present a form to the user to capture information and return the data to the process.
Paul Nerger over 1 year ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

An object to get RSA Token to login to a website.

No description provided
rohan myakala over 1 year ago in DX Assets 1 Further clarification needed

REST connector for DataDog

DataDog provides a cloud monitoring and security service. They offer a RESTful API documented at They offer a Postman collection.
Paul Nerger almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 1 Future consideration

Guide for Microsoft EWS Authentication

We need a similar guide for Microsoft EWS Authentication like you have under DX for asset Microsoft Graph API - Authentication - 1.1.0. We need to implement the same for setting up EWS with token generation along with App registration. Attached gu...
Rohit Gupta almost 2 years ago in DX Assets 2 Will not do