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Simplifying/improving the TAP onboarding experience

TAP onboarding is meant to be self serve however we still have partners that need a lot of hand holding. I think a session with a couple of affiliate partner managers, and Kyle, can help identify all issues (and hopefully a pareto), which we can t...
Ramanvir Sarao over 3 years ago in DX Platform 2

Blue prism Utility Segregation

Hi Team, It's difficult to find the blue prism common utility in DX even if we search by name there are multiple suggestions and if we filter there are so many Utilities. Can we just segregate Blue Prism common utilities that are coming as part of...
Amlan Sahoo about 1 year ago in DX Platform 0

Search Environment Variable

There is need of features like Search Environment Variable, Search Credentials to identify these elements quickly while there is requirement to update these in Production. If there are number of automations increase, there are scenarios where we c...
Shailendra Singh 3 months ago in DX Platform 1

Time taken by each stage to measure performance issue.

There are several instances when we move code from lower env to Test or PROD env performance differences found even with upgrade from one version of Blue Prism to higher version led to performance issue. If there is way to get time taken by each s...
Shailendra Singh 3 months ago in DX Platform 0

Converting email (.msg) to PDF(.pdf) file

Hi Team, Currently, Blueprism tool does not have the vbo to convert (.msg) file to .pdf or .img file. Please include this option in upcoming releases. Thanks, Vidhya Anbalagan.
Vidhya Anbalagan 9 months ago in DX Platform 0