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Generic Queue Data Report

A way to output Queue data based on queue name and date parameters, using the queue data column names as parameters. For example, submit the parameters: Queue 1, 01/01/2024 to 07/01/2024, data column 1 is called 'Style', data column 2 is called 'S...
Jeremy Dean 4 months ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

automate captcha

No description provided
DINESH MENTADA 11 months ago in DX Assets 0 Planned

Microsoft 365- outlook (Graph API) VBO - Action for sending/replying Encrypted mail

Currently - in Graph API VBO - There is no action or option in existing action where we can send/ reply/reply to all encrypted mail. Can this be taken in consideration.
Neeraj Kumar 4 months ago in DX Assets 1 Planned

Salesforce Connector for Chrome/Edge

Hi, We are working on a project for extracting data from Salesforce. Recently SalesForce stopped supporting IE11 browser. We run BluePrism on 6.2.1 version which is not compatible with any other browser except IE11. From Organization's standpoint,...
Sharmil Shah about 3 years ago in DX Assets 1 Will not do

Editing Priority for Work Queue items after loaded into Queue

Currently, In Blue Prism, Users can edit the Status for Queue items which are loaded already into the Queue. Similarly, Blue Prism has to allow users to edit the Priority of the Work Queue Pending status items. This will help us to meet if urgent ...
Vidhya Anbalagan about 2 years ago in DX Assets 5 Will not do

Housekeeping BOTS

In many scaled implementation the COE performs housekeeping tasks such as passwords reset , clearing and archiving logs, or when upgrading to new version the requirement to update version on all servers and VM in all environments. Also include Lic...
Jorg Schwarze about 3 years ago in DX Assets 1 Future consideration

MS Outlook VBO - date format

Hi, When we are using "Get Items in Folder", we receive dates in UTC format as ReceivedOn & SentOn etc. We have no use for UTC dates and would like a flag (or by default) to receive dates of the emails in Locale format.
Adam Röjdemark 5 months ago in DX Assets 0 Planned


No description provided
Caroline Garrad 6 months ago in DX Assets 1 Will not do

Save an Image data file into a Desktop File

I couldn't find a good resolution to make this action.Most of them you need to make a macro code and most of the times don't work.It would be a good improvement to have a VBO action to allow you to save the Data item Image format into a Desktop image
Tomas Silberstein 12 months ago in DX Assets 1 Further clarification needed

Webservices - REST enhanced

The 'Webservices - REST' component provided with Blue Prism (example, 7.0.1) is not very useful as is. An enhanced version would be appropriate. 1) This component contains a default. Before trying to convert the JSON API response, the code should ...
Dominique DALLERY 6 months ago in DX Assets 2